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Machine Learning
Internet Of Things
Mobile Applications

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Our Products

Time Series Deep Learning Model

Splendo develops generic deep learning models for timeseries data. Many data sources are never 'complete' because new data points are continuously added. Splendo is able to convert such data into a so-called 'time series stream', after which predictions can be made with this data using deep learning models.

AutoFill: Automated, Networked Cars

AutoFill's sensor and video streaming technology tracks vast amounts of data and images of your vehicle and environment. In the event an accident occurs, our system automatically and securely sends data directly to your insurer.

Vital Signs Smart Shirt

Splendo NANO TECH shirt is a result of Splendo's participation in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. This is a smart wearable consisting of a shirt and software to monitor and measure vital signs using non-invasive technologies.